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The 2026 CUSMA review: prepare for the worst, plan for progress

Worker- and climate-focused options for strengthening North American economic, social, and environmental co-operation

Advancing worker-centred trade in the 2026 CUSMA review

Labour rights, migrant workers and the CUSMA rapid-response labour mechanism

CUSMA and the North American electric vehicle transition

A role for better rules-of-origin for the automotive trade

CUSMA 2026: Reversing Big Tech’s power grab

CUSMA’s digital trade chapter undermines worker rights, privacy and competition policy

Work in progress

Bumpy Ride series, spring 2024 update: What’s happened to women in the workforce since COVID-19

Canada’s shift to a more regressive tax system, 2004 to 2022

Canada's tax system is flat for most Canadians and regressive for the top 20 per cent of households.

What is rent control, anyway?

Part 1: Rent control, rent freezes, vacancy controls—the terms can be hard to keep track of. This is your reference guide.

Rent control in Ontario is full of loopholes

Part 2: In theory, Canada’s most populous province has protection for tenants. In practice, landlords can find lots of ways to hike up rents.

Above-guideline rent increases are out of control

Part 3: Landlords systematically use AGI applications to bypass provincial guidelines

Arguments against rent control don’t hold up to scrutiny

Part 4: Landlords and developers love scientific-sounding arguments against rent control. There’s just one problem—they’re not true.

Policy solutions and political responses to fix Ontario rent control

Part 5: The policy solutions to skyrocketing rents are quite straightforward—but enacting them means taking on the power of landlords and developers

Resources for tenants to learn about rent control in Ontario

Part 6: Tenants in Ontario have resources available to defend themselves against landlords—and against bad-faith anti-tenant arguments. Here are a few of them.

A modest proposal

Canadian cities could raise tens of millions of dollars with one tool