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Insights into a well-being economy

How could we reorganize Alberta's economy to serve the needs to the people and the land?

The role of financial institutions

What would an economy organized around well-being look like—and what type of financial institutions would it support?

On hope and seeking common cause in 2024

We can’t make systemic changes without looking at the system.

A well-being economy in practice: spotlight on Wales and Nanaimo

Economies that focus on people aren't just a pipe dream—there are real-world examples to learn from

Envisioning a well-being economy: inspiration and hard questions

Another world is possible—let's imagine what it looks like

No strings attached

There’s more money on the table—but without adequate strings attached, the provinces could end up spending it on tax cuts instead of fixing health care.

Alberta squandered the Heritage Fund—but it's not too late to fix it

Three alternate histories of the Heritage Fund show what could have been if politicians had been more forward-thinking.

Flush with cash

This is a remarkable story of economic recovery from the depths of the COVID-19 lockdown impacts. The next chapter will be written by the provinces as they decide what to do with their unexpected budget surpluses.

Ten things to know about the recent Alberta budget

With oil prices rising, now would be a very good time to start thinking about making enhancements to social investment over the long term

Free to ROAM: Fare-free public transportation arrives in Alberta

One solution to the transit death spiral is to make transit free for riders and find alternative funding. In the past decade, at least six towns in Canada have made public transit free on local routes, including three in Alberta.

Ten things to know about the 2021 Alberta budget

Here are 10 things worth knowing about the latest Alberta budget, its major changes to spending and taxation, and its projected deficit of $18.2 billion.