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Migrant Rights

Canada is cutting international student visas—and that’s bad policy

Dramatically reducing the number of students admitted to Canada won’t solve the housing crisis—but it will hurt post-secondary institutions and all students

Parliament is back in session. What’s on the agenda?

With an election looming on the horizon, might we be nearing the end of the Liberal-NDP agreement?

AFB 2024: Immigration

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on immigration

How Canada passed the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1923

1923 Chapter 6, The Chinese Exclusion Act and More | 1923

The seeds of global decolonization were planted after WWI

1923, Chapter 4: Global Challenges to Racism, 1919 - 1922

Communities fought white supremacy during World War I

1923, Chapter 2: Anti-Racism and the War | 1914 – 1916

The pretense that Canada’s immigration system isn’t racist persists

Canada's immigration system is fundamentally based on exploitation of racialized workers.

US–Canada agreement to close Roxham Road will cost lives, migrants say

Legal observers worry the newly-expanded Safe Third Country Agreement contravenes international conventions on refugees.

Increasing permanent residency for migrants strengthens labour power

Working conditions are about power—and permanent status allows workers to exert it.

Advocates urge feds to adopt a regularization program for undocumented migrants

Federal cabinet ministers are expected to discuss regularization at a cabinet retreat this week

Grow through what you go through

Addressing and sorting through the Freedom Convoy's wreckage is a job that belongs to all white people in Canada.

We are all Afghanistan

What happens when immigration processes are mired by misinformation on social media and capitalized on by promises sold with slick marketing tactics against a backdrop of insidious psychological warfare?

Collectively, it spawns a deep desperation.