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Agriculture & Farming

Some Canadian lawmakers want to go after whistleblowers in agriculture

Agricultural gag or “ag-gag” laws have slowly gained a foothold in Canada, putting animals, workers, the public and the planet at risk

AFB 2024: Food security

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on food security

AFB 2024: Agriculture

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve in the agriculture sector

Canada and the U.S. are using free trade rules to attack Mexican food sovereignty

Ongoing USMCA case will test the agreement’s bias in favour of biotech companies and genetically modified foods

Farmers can't rely on corporate-controlled GM crops for climate solutions

It’s theoretically possible to us GM as a climate solution—but in reality, it will worsen corporate industrial agriculture.

Three amigos or fair-weather friends?

This week’s North American Leaders’ summit is soured by dubious challenges to Mexican food and energy sovereignty

Why farmers are not celebrating CETA’s five-year anniversary

CETA cannot and will never deliver on the promises made to the beef and pork sectors. It will, however, continue doing serious harm to our dairy farmers.

Learning to raise and cook food from nana, not a book

Bress 'n' Nyam and the Black farmers who are returning to the countryside to steward the land.