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Policy Solutions for a Better Saskatchewan

Addressing climate change, fixing the health care crisis, investing in public education—we’ve got a progressive platform featuring real ideas, real solutions.

Regina’s road rage

The city's infrastructure is dominated by the automobile

A Spoonful of Sugar? Election budget may conceal a more uncertain economic future

The Saskatchewan government’s rosy economic outlook is based on shaky predictions

Saskatchewan’s “Parents’ Bill of Rights” is going to hurt queer youth

The prairie province has a litany of problems—allowing young people to change their pronouns is not one of them

Will Saskatchewan Fund the Future of its Universities?

The prairie province has a choice to make—will it invest in post-secondary education, or get left behind?

Saskatchewan teachers’ strike is a fight over the future of public education

The government is trying to implement a neoliberal model, and the teachers’ fight is for an expanded public role

Saskatchewan’s attacks on trans students are cynical scapegoating

Scott Moe is teaching a master class in political opportunism

For the Saskatchewan Party, by-elections are deja-vu all over again.

With an upstart right-wing party making rural gains, and the NDP making gains in cities, where will the Saskatchewan Party go?

Does growth work for everyone in Saskatchewan?

Breaking down some of the latest economic data shows deeply unequal division of riches in the province

Sask. Budget 2023: One weird trick to underfund public services

Faced with a crisis in health care and underfunded schools, the government of Saskatchewan is using its huge surplus to pay down the deficit.

No strings attached

There’s more money on the table—but without adequate strings attached, the provinces could end up spending it on tax cuts instead of fixing health care.

Saskatchewan politicians love meaningless words

It’s hard to interpret recent political announcements as anything other than deceptive

A public vs. private battle is brewing in Saskatchewan education

Religious education in Saskatchewan is leading a charge against public education. Can communities fight back?

Flush with cash

This is a remarkable story of economic recovery from the depths of the COVID-19 lockdown impacts. The next chapter will be written by the provinces as they decide what to do with their unexpected budget surpluses.

Where will Scott Moe draw the Line?

The Saskatchewan government's Drawing the Line: Defending Saskatchewan’s Economic Autonomy is more a political document that doesn't bode well for Scott Moe's government or those that live under it.

Back on Track or Falling Backwards? 2022-23 Saskatchewan provincial budget analysis

The budget attempts to turn the page from COVID-19, but the pandemic is still raging and there’s little vision for a future economy that deals with the province's many challenges