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COP28: Canada needs to tackle fossil fuel financiers head on

As the UN global climate conference begins, it’s time Canada get serious on decarbonization—that means going after fossil fuel finance

Beleaguered federal government unlikely to turn the page with restrained fiscal update

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland talks up housing and affordability while austerity looms

Halifax Regional Municipality needs to fully implement a living wage policy

Time for a Giant Leap Forward for Workers’ Wages in Nova Scotia

Federal anti-scab legislation is a big win for workers

Banning replacement workers in federally regulated industries will remove one of the employers’ most unfair tools against collective bargaining

Anti-Scab legislation does not increase strikes, despite corporate propaganda

There’s no evidence that banning replacement workers makes strikes longer. Employer organizations simply want to keep using scabs.

The rich “won” the pandemic: Income inequality skyrocketed in 2021

New data shows what observers long suspected—the rich took advantage of the pandemic to fill their bank accounts

The fight over carbon pricing is missing the point

Carbon pricing fight a dangerous distraction from real climate policy

How Biden’s digital trade rethink adds pressure to re-renegotiate NAFTA

We should use the six-year renewal of the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement to strip out Trump-era language benefiting big tech oligarchs. Then keep pushing.

Budget 2024: Canada needs to go all-in on green industrial policy

Prepared remarks for Standing Committee on Finance (FINA) Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2024 Budget

Bill C-35 is a chance for the feds to fully implement accessible childcare—if they do it right

Presentation to the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology consideration of Bill C-35

Fall update: Ontario’s projected deficit is an accounting fiction

Ontario government is squirreling money away while public services suffer

Time to grow social and education spending—it’s key to good health

Medical care and social investments are not an either/or proposition.

Three key health policy movements are aligning

Get Well Canada, well-being budgeting, and health-in-all-policies are converging to address the most critical factors shaping health are the economic, social and environmental conditions in which we live.

Social and medical spending: Flip sides of the same coin

Research finds the ratio between health and social spending is key to understanding health outcomes.

Addressing the fundamental causes of population health inequality

Health inequality is a persistent problem—and it's directly tied to other forms of inequality.

Canada needs to move from individual choice approach to whole-of-society approach

Half of our health and well-being is based on social determinants of health