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Budget 2024 pushes new climate action down the road

It is too soon for the federal government to rest on its climate laurels.

Federal government goes big on housing—is it enough?

2024 federal budget makes biggest investments in housing, care economy in generations with its second-to-last budget before an election

Fiscal folly in Ontario: New report reveals a cheapskate province

Financial Accountability Office paper is essential reading for every Ontarian

France is right to reject CETA free trade deal with Canada

It would be a political mistake for PMs Trudeau and Attal to dismiss discontent with the Canada-EU trade deal

Cities are central to capitalism—and could be central to its undoing

Capitalism and urbanization are deeply tied to one another—but what might a liberated city look like?

Cities could be the engines for addressing crises—if we push them

It is time for more cities to bring forward policies and practices for economic, social and climate justice as their primary goal

The intersectional city

Applying an intersectional lens to multi-layered challenges in urban settings can lead the way to greater empowerment of community members in cities.

#Blocksidewalk, the last progressive NIMBY effort?

#Blocksidewalk is a grassroots campaign aiming to build a "smart city"

Regina’s road rage

The city's infrastructure is dominated by the automobile

Watch Your Step, Buster!

Guess who first normalized pedestrian shaming

Taking back our cities

We can shape the future of urban life

Cities are central to resolving the challenges of our time

Cities have long been seen as engines that drive prosperity but a new fiscal arrangement is needed that allows them to tackle the serious issues of our time.

Canadian policy innovations

Some cities are making small changes to create more accessible spaces

Ontario budget disappoints—but does not surprise

Yet another missed opportunity to tackle big problems

How badly do we need roads?

Shift Storm newsletter—February 2024 edition

A Spoonful of Sugar? Election budget may conceal a more uncertain economic future

The Saskatchewan government’s rosy economic outlook is based on shaky predictions