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Why farmers are not celebrating CETA’s five-year anniversary

CETA cannot and will never deliver on the promises made to the beef and pork sectors. It will, however, continue doing serious harm to our dairy farmers.

Lessons learned from the Quebec election campaign

After a 30-day election campaign, the CAQ was re-elected with an even more comfortable majority than in 2018.

Nova Scotia’s minimum wage workers deserve a real raise

The cost of living has gone up but the minimum wage hasn’t kept pace.

A Grey Tsunami: Canada’s great retirement wave

The pandemic labour market phenomenon in the U.S. might be the “great resignation” as people quit their jobs in droves. In Canada, it’s more like the “great retirement” as the Boomers make their exit from the workforce.

For Canada’s autoworkers, CETA has not lived up to its billing

Five years ago, Canada’s free trade pact with Europe came into force. Well, some of it did at least.

While Ontario struggles, Queen’s Park stashes cash

Ontario’s deficit became a surplus last year. The Ford government couldn’t think of a single thing to spend it on

CETA at five: working as intended but not as promised

In some areas, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is worse than we predicted. We present five reasons why we’re not celebrating its fifth anniversary.

What we’re watching as parliament resumes

Parliament has returned from its summer break. We’re expecting a packed—and heated— agenda.

Gender-based violence’s disproportionate impact on 2SLGBTQ+ communities

We’re failing 2SLGBTQIA+ communities amidst rising gender-based violence because policy-makers still don’t understand intersectionality.

Putting an end to the student debt sentence

Student debt forgiveness has sparked hope in the U.S. Canada should pay attention.

Show me the money: It’s not a worker shortage, it’s a wage shortage

Two-thirds of job postings are offering wages that are too low to entice applicants. Employers are going to have to be more competitive to fill those jobs.

Dangerous liaisons: Canada’s toxic mix of interest rate hikes and private debt

The combination of rising interest rates and high private debt catapults Canada into the top third most dangerous economic periods since the Second World War. If the Bank of Canada hikes interest rates by 0.5% or more in September, we’d move into second place.

The devil’s crowbar: how the right weaponizes inflation

The brand of turbo-charged capitalism that we call “neoliberalism” arrived in North America on a rising tide of inflation.

Cost of food at a crisis level

As we grapple with yet another wave of COVID, the parallel poverty crisis in Toronto has been exacerbated past its breaking point and will have enduring societal impacts.

Revenue losses now $7.5 billion a year under Ford

If Doug Ford wants to make the case for more federal health funding, throwing away money is not the way to do it

More than tall lattes: Organizing lessons from baristas at Starbucks

Inspiration, information, and solidarity among Starbucks baristas increasingly extends beyond individual stores, connecting workers across cities, regions, and, to some extent, even national borders—illustrating lessons applicable to organizing at the mega-chain in both the U.S. and Canada.

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