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Watch Your Step, Buster!

Guess who first normalized pedestrian shaming

Taking back our cities

We can shape the future of urban life

Ontario budget disappoints—but does not surprise

Yet another missed opportunity to tackle big problems

How badly do we need roads?

Shift Storm newsletter—February 2024 edition

A Spoonful of Sugar? Election budget may conceal a more uncertain economic future

The Saskatchewan government’s rosy economic outlook is based on shaky predictions

Alliance report unites self-employed workers and solo-entrepreneurs

Self-employed people deserve access to Canada’s social safety net

The Canadian Dental Care Plan will have higher copayments than expected

Compromises with for-profit dentistry leave the plan open to future attacks

Why the Ecuador trade deal Canada wants hinges on a misleading referendum question

Ecuador’s April 21 vote on investor-state dispute settlement could quash mining sector hopes in the looming negotiations

Faster internet as slowly as possible: Ontario’s rural broadband plan

Five years into a six-year plan, Queen’s Park is still budgeting big but spending small

Canada's next federal budget needs to tackle cost-of-living

Permanently higher prices mean that younger people are struggling to keep up with housing, food, and transport costs. The feds need to take action—or risk losing the next election.

Cutting interest rates would reduce housing costs—and inflation

High housing costs are the key driver of inflation in Canada, and the biggest immediate driver of housing costs are Bank of Canada interest rates

Electoral reform could be key to solving the housing affordability crisis—and more

Fair voting systems encourage parties to act for the common good, and work across partisan lines, to solve social problems

Nova Scotia Budget: Building faster to what?

The 2024 provincial budget leaves Nova Scotians out in the cold when it comes to cost of living and public services

Free contraception is a win for all Canadians

Universal access to birth control is popular, smart policy, and a building block for universal pharmacare in Canada

Climate and work: What’s in store for 2024?

Shift Storm newsletter—January 2024 edition

Here’s a dime, get lost: Ontario’s message to universities and colleges

No province in Canada gives less funding per student to post-secondary institutions than Ontario