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Recharging North America: The Trade Issue

November/December 2022

It’s no fun saying we told you so, but today the sad signs that we were right are unmistakable—from unmitigated climate change to stagnating incomes to widening inequality in much of the world. This issue of the Monitor looks at the cracks in the neoliberal consensus with respect to trade—including in the United States—and how Canada should respond.

The Politics of Affordability

September/October 2022

It has been a long, long time since Canadians had to worry about high inflation, let alone rapidly rising interest rates. In moments like this, opposition parties can be quick to capitalize on the politics of affordability. Queue Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Pollievre, who has been feasting on the politics of inflation and interest rates all summer long. In this edition of the Monitor Randy Robinson writes about how the right weaponizes inflation in his article “The Devil’s Crowbar.”