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Digital Divide & Internet Policy

Faster internet as slowly as possible: Ontario’s rural broadband plan

Five years into a six-year plan, Queen’s Park is still budgeting big but spending small

What’s going to happen next with Canada’s Online News Act?

Federal policymakers are still dealing with a Meta news ban, and a media industry on the ropes. How do we save Canadian journalism?

Was Canada’s Online News Act compromise a last-minute win or a failure?

Just before Bill C-18 came into effect, the Canadian government announced a compromise with Google—but not Meta. How did we get here?

The Online News Act could have used a different model for bargaining

How did the Canadian government land on the news media compensation model it decided on for Bill C-18?

Online News Act: Canada’s Big Tech regulation was inspired by other countries

From Australia to France, countries around the world are trying to rebalance the relationship between news outlets and digital platforms

We’re in an AI hype cycle—can Canada make it a responsible one?

The federal government is rushing to regulate AI; it needs to go back to the drawing board

Let’s talk about “Let’s Talk Federal Regulations”

How democratic or participatory is Canada’s new regulatory consultation platform?

We need more public ownership in Canada’s telecom sector

Last Friday’s Rogers’ network outage should be a warning to us all: it’s time to change how we do telecommunications in this country.

What we deserve

Warren Urquhart discusses two important digital rights for Canadians

Canada needs a Digital New Deal

We find ourselves in at a point where we have the opportunity to push transformative policy change.

We need stronger anti-monopoly laws if we want to curb corporate influence in the news

Canada is no stranger to dynastic ownership of its media companies

Weaponizing fact-checking: What Canada needs to know

A strong fact-checking industry can stop the normalization of lying and advocate for policy changes. But the weaponization of fact-checking can cause irreversible harm.

Why can’t we know more about what political parties know about us?

As it stands right now, political parties in Canada face little oversight or transparency requirements for the data they collect and create about Canadian citizens.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

Media concentration in [the U.S. and Brazil] has reached phenomenal levels, and it is compounded by the massive spread of pernicious fake news.