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Parliament is back in session. What’s on the agenda?

With an election looming on the horizon, might we be nearing the end of the Liberal-NDP agreement?

What would a second Trump presidency mean for Canada-US relations?

While the government publicly frets over a possible second Trump presidency, the last thing we need is another appeasement strategy.

US Republicans are looking to implement a carbon border tax—what does that mean?

Understanding the US’s proposed Foreign Pollution Fee Act, which would impose tariffs on imports from high-polluting countries

Toxic legacy

A record-breaking trade lawsuit against Canada confirms the dire threat that investor-state dispute settlement poses to bold climate action

How Biden’s digital trade rethink adds pressure to re-renegotiate NAFTA

We should use the six-year renewal of the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement to strip out Trump-era language benefiting big tech oligarchs. Then keep pushing.

Canada at risk of lawsuits if U.K. accession to pacific trade deal not amended

Civil society organizations and academics are warning about investor-state dispute settlement

Canada and the EU should divest from CETA’s dangerous investment court system

It’s time to treat the novel investor-state dispute settlement system like a stranded asset

AFB 2024: International trade and investment

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on international trade

Canada has waited long enough to tax the tech giants

Canada’s new Digital Services Tax (DST) will draw trade flack, but that’s no reason not to move ahead with it.

Canada’s double-standard in economic relations with Africa

The Canada-Africa Economic Cooperation Strategy is an opportunity to cancel treaties that can hamper sustainable development and human rights

Canada's options for intervening in the Keystone XL CUSMA lawsuit

TC Energy is trying to use NAFTA provisions to punish the US government for cancelling Keystone XL. Canada should intervene against the fossil fuel company.

Canada and the U.S. are using free trade rules to attack Mexican food sovereignty

Ongoing USMCA case will test the agreement’s bias in favour of biotech companies and genetically modified foods

The UK’s Accession to the CPTPP is a threat to Indigenous Rights in Canada

The trade agreement may impact Canada’s ability to implement UNDRIP

Reversing privatizations, and fortunes, in Mexico and Honduras

Mining and land reforms draw both corporate flack and international calls for investment treaty termination

Canada’s proposed supply chain law is weak on human and environmental rights

The business community needs to get behind a stronger supply chain due diligence law

U.K. membership in Pacific trade deal threatens Canadian climate action

Canada should join Australia and New Zealand in neutralizing lopsided corporate protections in CPTPP