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Gender Equality

Work in progress

Bumpy Ride series, spring 2024 update: What’s happened to women in the workforce since COVID-19

Alliance report unites self-employed workers and solo-entrepreneurs

Self-employed people deserve access to Canada’s social safety net

Cooking, cleaning, and caring

A detailed look at the how migrant and immigrant women in low-wage essential sectors in Nova Scotia experienced the COVID-19 pandemic

Free contraception is a win for all Canadians

Universal access to birth control is popular, smart policy, and a building block for universal pharmacare in Canada

A paradox in COVID-19 pandemic recovery

Women hotel workers in B.C. share their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic

Beyond Recovery Data Dashboard

Women’s economic standing in Canada in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic

Still in recovery

If we're going to close the gender gap, we need government action

Parliament is resuming. What should progressives be watching for?

Now that the summer break is over, the federal government is back in session amidst a cost-of-living crisis.

The real world bears little resemblance to Barbie Land

Mattel is laughing all the way to the bank. Women aren’t.

AFB 2024: Gender Equality

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on gender equality

Pat Armstrong can teach us about the road ahead

Looking at the career of one of Canada’s leading feminist political economists

How Feminist is the 2023 Federal Budget? It isn’t.

The tension between this federal government’s neoliberal economic roots and social justice ambitions has always been evident.

Canada’s gender pandemic response

Canada introduced unprecedented relief measures in the early days of the pandemic. Did they address the pandemic's heavy toll on women and other marginalized communities?

Closing the electoral gap: Canada’s glacial march towards gender equality

Canada has made significant progress on gender parity among elected officials, but there is still a long way to go.

New national action plan to end gender-based violence falls short

The federal action plan is not the national action plan we've been fighting for.

Low pay driving career changes among women workers

Bumpy Ride Fall 2022 Update #7: Women workers are changing industries—and they're looking for better pay