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Our Schools / Our Selves

Anti-Palestinian racism in Canadian schools and what we can do about it

Educators have an important role to play in challenging widespread erasure of Palestinian identity and anti-Palestinian racism

From battleground to common ground

It's time we stop treating vulnerable kids as pawns in a culture war.

Despite the overblown AI hype, we’re not ready for what comes next

The initial generative AI hype may have been overblown, but we have a lot of work to do to prepare for what comes next.

Whack-a-moles and hydra: Searching for a new privatization metaphor in education

The way we talk about privatization matters. Our language should reflect both the moment we're in, and what we're working towards.

School grounds turned battlegrounds: War, conflict and peace education

Schools can—and should—be places where students learn how to implement peace and justice

Connect the dots: School boards, democracy, and human rights

Democratic school boards could serve as a bulwark against far right attacks on education

Will Saskatchewan Fund the Future of its Universities?

The prairie province has a choice to make—will it invest in post-secondary education, or get left behind?

Costly Gambles

Who loses from a commodified university education?

Canada’s silent crisis

Teachers left waiting at the bargaining table

Leaps and bounds

Understanding the Carleton University Contract Instructors and Teaching Assistants’ strike (spring 2023)

Monitoring the situation

CCPA materials illuminate lessons on inequality