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Our Schools / Our Selves

Through the Smoke: Advocacy for Safe and Inclusive Alberta School Communities

LGBTQ+ students in Alberta schools deserve welcoming environments. To create that, we need policy.

Alberta's social studies curriculum pushes religious exceptionalism

The authors of the curriculum made choices that favour Christianity over other religions, and minimize the historical impact of non-Christians in Alberta.

Making fact-checking a habit with Break the Fake

It usually takes less than a minute to verify that what we're reading isn't misinformation.

Fighting moral panics around inclusive schooling

Schools can be places where children learn, grow, and thrive – but they should be places where every child can learn, grow, and thrive regardless of their identity or ability.

In education, does more choice actually equal more freedom?

Time to take a red pen to this equation and correct it accordingly, so that accessibility can be reintroduced into the equation.

A public vs. private battle is brewing in Saskatchewan education

Religious education in Saskatchewan is leading a charge against public education. Can communities fight back?

Unsubscribing from neutrality: The On Canada Project

An interview with founder and editor-in-chief Samanta Krishnapillai.

Not Immune: The neoliberal trajectory of public education reform in Nova Scotia

Attacking public education isn't just an American phenomenon—it's happening in Nova Scotia right now.

Fighting Mis/Disinformation through the Public School System

Information environments as a social determinant of health.

Class(room) Consciousness

I’ve often said that the work we do at CCPA fills me with both gratitude and pride. I still refer to this job as work I “get” to do, because I fundamentally believe that it is a privilege.

Anti-trans groups are targeting schools

Anti-trans groups are trying to ignite a culture war in schools. Here’s what’s at stake – and what we can do.

Putting an end to the student debt sentence

Student debt forgiveness has sparked hope in the U.S. Canada should pay attention.

Unearth this buried treasure: adult education in Manitoba

When she was 34 years old and a single mother of four living on social assistance in a large public housing complex in Winnipeg’s North End, Aja Oliver saw a sign at a community centre for an Adult Learning Centre. She had not finished high school, had struggled, as did everyone in her family, with the many complexities of life in poverty, and was fed up with being on social assistance. She ventured in. Her life has not been the same since.

How public funding for private options reinforces school segregation in Quebec

Erika Shaker, in conversation with Anne Plourde, researcher at l’Institut de Recherche et d’Informations Socioéconomiques (IRIS)

​​Citizenship education: It’s about more than the curriculum

It’s been a few months since I defended my dissertation on provincial public education policies in Canada (particularly in relation to students and citizenship) and I’ve had some time to both (not) think about, and reflect on my research with a little bit of distance.

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