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Halifax Regional Municipality needs to fully implement a living wage policy

Time for a Giant Leap Forward for Workers’ Wages in Nova Scotia

AFB 2024: Infrastructure, cities and transit

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on Infrastructure, cities and transit

Filling Data Gaps in the Nova Scotia Housing Crisis

As it stands, the province relies on small non-profits for data collection—we need more to address the crisis.

Toronto’s new mayor’s $1 billion problem

Toronto's new progressive mayor Olivia Chow will be facing an immediate $1 billion deficit—and there’s no simple solution.

Quebec is proposing to gut tenants' rights with a new law

Bill 31 would remove some significant rights from tenants, and hand over more discretionary power to landlords

Reversing privatizations, and fortunes, in Mexico and Honduras

Mining and land reforms draw both corporate flack and international calls for investment treaty termination

Saskatchewan politicians love meaningless words

It’s hard to interpret recent political announcements as anything other than deceptive