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No strings attached February 15, 2023

No strings attached

There’s more money on the table—but without adequate strings attached, the provinces could end up spending it on tax cuts instead of fixing health care.

Where are your inflation dollars going? January 17, 2023

Where are your inflation dollars going?

CCPA Senior Economist David Macdonald breaks down the numbers by creating a new methodology, which shows that corporate profits are eating up the vast majority of the extra inflation dollars, far outpacing increased labour costs or other expenses.

Breakfast of champions January 3, 2023

Breakfast of champions

The 100 best-paid CEOs in Canada broke every compensation record in the books in 2021, some of which reflects excess corporate profits due to record-high inflation.

Flush with cash November 2, 2022

Flush with cash

This is a remarkable story of economic recovery from the depths of the COVID-19 lockdown impacts. The next chapter will be written by the provinces as they decide what to do with their unexpected budget surpluses.

A Grey Tsunami: Canada’s great retirement wave September 30, 2022

A Grey Tsunami: Canada’s great retirement wave

The pandemic labour market phenomenon in the U.S. might be the “great resignation” as people quit their jobs in droves. In Canada, it’s more like the “great retirement” as the Boomers make their exit from the workforce.