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Insights into a well-being economy

How could we reorganize Alberta's economy to serve the needs to the people and the land?

The role of financial institutions

What would an economy organized around well-being look like—and what type of financial institutions would it support?

On hope and seeking common cause in 2024

We can’t make systemic changes without looking at the system.

A well-being economy in practice: spotlight on Wales and Nanaimo

Economies that focus on people aren't just a pipe dream—there are real-world examples to learn from

Envisioning a well-being economy: inspiration and hard questions

Another world is possible—let's imagine what it looks like

Time to grow social and education spending—it’s key to good health

Medical care and social investments are not an either/or proposition.

Three key health policy movements are aligning

Get Well Canada, well-being budgeting, and health-in-all-policies are converging to address the most critical factors shaping health are the economic, social and environmental conditions in which we live.

Social and medical spending: Flip sides of the same coin

Research finds the ratio between health and social spending is key to understanding health outcomes.

Addressing the fundamental causes of population health inequality

Health inequality is a persistent problem—and it's directly tied to other forms of inequality.

Canada needs to move from individual choice approach to whole-of-society approach

Half of our health and well-being is based on social determinants of health

How can we influence budgets?

Building power to change social structures

Healthy public policy requires working within and beyond the health care system

Population health metrics are about more than just health care—they're about the society we live in.

Hennessy’s Index: GDP vs. Well-being

More and more Canadians support governments prioritizing social metrics rather than just economic ones

The social solution to Canada’s health care problem

The medical care system clearly needs government support to get it back to health

Hennessy’s Index: The climate crisis

The world is getting hotter, and the climate crisis is burning up. Let's look at some of the numbers.

Why Canada needs grassroots climate organizing

The climate crisis is a problem too big for anyone to solve on their own.