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When governments fail us

Governments at all levels are abdicating their responsibility in the climate crisis. That doesn't mean all is lost.

Neoliberalism is like a zombie that won’t die

Neoliberalism is about power, but it’s also about the stories we tell

The pretense that Canada’s immigration system isn’t racist persists

Canada's immigration system is fundamentally based on exploitation of racialized workers.

Dawn of the Debt

Governments aren’t households—and their budgets don’t act like them

How to kill a zombie or the strange persistence of neoliberalism

Since the pandemic, many observers have proclaimed the death of neoliberalism—but is it really dead?

Vampire consulting firms in the public service

Like a vampire, consulting firms are suave and sophisticated actors that aim to gain the trust of their targets.

Zombie climate change denial: we’re in the “bargaining” stage

The fossil fuel industry is moving away from outright denial, and towards negotiating for their version of an energy transition.

CCPA Summer Reads

Here's what CCPA staff are reading this summer

Ancient minimum wage trope just won’t die

Minimum wage earners are not basement-dwelling unskilled teenagers—the data tells the real story

The future of union leadership: It takes a village

Workers are emboldened and frustrated. We need to build on the unity we feel in this moment.

Rebuilding the working class

Organized workers have the power to fundamentally transform the economy

A day in the life of migrant workers

Migrant workers are a large and growing part of the Canadian workforce—and face particular hurdles from employers and governments.

Non-union workers in Canada deserve the right to collective action too

The United States has explicit protections for collective action in the workplace. Canada doesn’t—but some creative legal challenges could bring it about.

A transformational time for labour?

A new generation of leaders is gradually getting elected to lead unions and central labour bodies in Canada.

Gig work tensions are not going away soon

Uber workers are still getting the short end of the stick