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Public Services & Privatization

What’s at stake in the LCBO strike?

Ontario liquor store workers are standing up for a public asset

Why dentists are not signing up for the Canadian Dental Care Plan

Organized dentists’ associations are working hard to undermine the public insurance plan—it’s time the federal government tackle it head on

Free contraception is a win for all Canadians

Universal access to birth control is popular, smart policy, and a building block for universal pharmacare in Canada

How the public sector is fighting income inequality (and why it’s still not enough)

Whether it's gender, parental status, or immigration status, the public sector is better at narrowing pay gaps than the private sector.

Beleaguered federal government unlikely to turn the page with restrained fiscal update

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland talks up housing and affordability while austerity looms

I’m a dentist. It’s time for public dental care in Canada

I see the failures of the privatized insurance system every day. We have a chance to start fixing it.

Provincial anti-trans school policies are also attacks on public education

What’s behind Saskatchewan and New Brunswick’s targeting of queer and trans youth?

AFB 2024: Public services

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on public service

AFB 2024: Seniors’ care

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on seniors’ care

“Parental choice” is a dog-whistle—let’s recognize it as such

It’s less about choice, and more about privilege, privatization, populism, and patriarchy

Public sector leading the way on reducing pay gaps

But inflation and low government wage offers threaten to erase those gains.

Public sector strike: It’s about how inflation is gouging wages

Federal public sector workers haven’t seen an inflation-adjusted raise since 2007—the worst of any industry in Canada.

Inflation-adjusted school funding is down $1,200 per student since the Ford government came to power

The ideological agenda against public education is in high gear—with funding cuts coupled with structural governance changes.

Why did Canada's housing and dental benefits have such low take-up rates?

We need to do better at getting benefits to those who need them.

How Feminist is the 2023 Federal Budget? It isn’t.

The tension between this federal government’s neoliberal economic roots and social justice ambitions has always been evident.

A hit-and-miss budget: Canada’s 2023 federal budget moves on climate and dental—but avoids almost everything else

Investments in a clean economy, dental care, and a GST top-up stole the show; many other needed investments have gone missing.