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Twenty years of anti-terrorism legislation

January/February 2022 Issue

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Arrested development

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Canada’s smart tech future: Open cities or opaque surveillance?

New research shows that police forces across Canada are building extensive digital surveillance hubs without any public engagement. Smart city projects use very similar technologies with the same dangers, yet here residents and municipalities are increasingly implementing Open Smart City principles to avoid potential harms and strengthen public oversight. The police should not be exempt from democratic accountability and the same principles can be applied to them to rebuild it.

Choices of rhetoric and choices of action

An interview with Bruce Cockburn about art and activism and a lifetime of kicking at the darkness.

Two decades of Islamophobia: The invisible toll on the health of Muslims in Canada

In the last five years, more Muslims have been killed in targeted hate-attacks in Canada than in any other G7 country. And this growing Islamophobia is having impacts on the health of Muslim Canadians.

What we deserve

Warren Urquhart discusses two important digital rights for Canadians

Smog of war

As Brown University's Neta C. Crawford remarked in her study on the Pentagon’s GHG emissions, “War and preparation for it are fossil fuel intensive activities.”

Peace, friendship and trust: Policing as treaty breaking

The resistance of Indigenous people, their memory of history, treaty, law, and land stewardship are being met with police violence.

Variations on a theme: Twenty years of anti-terror measures in an already terrorized community

The history and ongoing legacy of slavery shouldn't be seen in contrast to the two decades of anti-terror. Rather, we should view the post-9/11 era as a permutation and extension of that history and legacy.


Authors appearing in this issue

Warren Urquhart

Warren Urquhart

Warren Urquhart (he/him) is a past tech worker and a current freelance writer and law student at Osgoode Hall Law School. He will be working in consumer protection when he graduates this summer. Find him on Twitter at @urquhart_warren.

Courtney Skye

Courtney Skye

Courtney Skye (she/her) is Mohawk, Turtle Clan, from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She is a Research Fellow at Yellowhead Institute, a First Nations-led governance think tank at the Faculty of Arts at X University.

Róisín West

Róisín West

Róisín (they/she) is the Senior Editor of the Monitor and Behind the Numbers. They write about disability and accessibility, civic engagement, and media. Find them on Twitter at @RoisinWest.

Anthony Morgan

Anthony Morgan

Anthony N. Morgan is a Toronto-based human rights lawyer, policy consultant and community educator.

Anna-Liza Badaloo

Anna-Liza Badaloo

Anna-Liza Badaloo (she/her) is a writer and program consultant working at the intersection of health, environment and social justice. Find her on Instagram and LinkedIn at @annalizabadaloo

Merlin Chatwin

Merlin Chatwin

Merlin Chatwin (he/him) received his PhD from the University of Western Ontario in the Geography Department. His research area is urban policy and local governance with a specific focus on inclusive civic participation in distinct geographies. In 2018, Merlin was awarded the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship. Merlin recently brought his significant experience in developing strategic alliances in governance, data, technology and education sectors to Open North when he joined as the Executive Director.

Thomas Linder

Thomas Linder

Thomas Linder (he/him) has a PhD in Sociology from Queen’s University where he wrote his dissertation on the intersection of digital surveillance technologies, policing and the social and political impacts involved. He works as an interdisciplinary researcher on a range of topics including community economic development, urban innovation, social housing, community engagement and learning, and other progressive areas. Find him on Twitter at @praxisandpeople

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