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Media Democracy and Combatting Misinformation

July/August 2021

"Canada is no stranger to dynastic ownership of its media companies," writes Robin Shaban in her feature article. "Thomson, Atkinson, Black, Irving: each family name is synonymous with the control of major press operations, either nationally or regionally. Governments have been aware of this issue for decades, but they’ve done little to address it."

For years, Canada has had more concentrated media ownership than our American counterparts. How does this impact our ability as a nation to tell and receive diverse and nuanced stories from a multitude of viewpoints? And, in the age of fake news farms and QAnon, what role could a revitalized media democracy movement play in combatting misinformation?

Our latest issue of the Monitor digs into these questions and more with views from across the country. To receive the print version of our magazine delivered to your home or office and support our work, make a donation to the CCPA today.

The future of organizing

May/June 2021

"It is certainly driven by young people,” Martin O’Hanlon, the president of CWA Canada told Kevin Philipupillai for his feature article on the Alphabet Workers' Union. “The new generation that are coming up have a different sense of what’s right, and they’re more sensitive to the fact that if their coworkers aren’t being respected for their diversity and their differences, that they’ve got to stand up and fight for that.”

Organizing in both senses, protest movements and labour movements, is changing. The pandemic is just the latest curveball that both communities have faced and adapted to. In our May/June issue, we explore what the future of organizing looks like for workers and communities in the days, months and years ahead.

One Year Later

March/April 2021

"More than an infectious pathogen," writes Michal Rozworski in his feature analysis for this issue, "the novel coronavirus is a very harsh mirror held up to pre-pandemic reality... It is exposing the true cost of hollowed-out public services, debilitated trade unions, and cross-cutting economic and racial inequality."

One year into Canada's battle with COVID-19, this issue of the Monitor explores how the pandemic's arrival has reshaped life and what policy interventions are needed to build a sustainable road to recovery.

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