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We need to talk about 1907 May 10, 2022

We need to talk about 1907

One hundred and fifteen years ago this September, downtown Vancouver was beset by thousands of protesters rallying against Asian immigration to Canada. Examining this event offers important lessons for understanding the modern-day Freedom Convoy.

We keep us safe May 5, 2022

We keep us safe

When the Freedom Convoy came to Ottawa it was community members who organized to keep one another safe.

Commuting by the numbers March 25, 2022

Commuting by the numbers

How we commute was changing even before the pandemic began. If public transit is going to replace single passenger cars for the daily drive, understanding these shifts is critical.

All's fare? March 2, 2022

All's fare?

Public transit budgets deserve better than farebox recovery revenue.

Smog of war January 1, 2022

Smog of war

As Brown University's Neta C. Crawford remarked in her study on the Pentagon’s GHG emissions, “War and preparation for it are fossil fuel intensive activities.”

Arrested development January 1, 2022

Arrested development

There’s a quiet resignation I feel when I think about how big $92 billion is compared to how small the community I grew up in is... And instead of building up kids in [communities like mine], we pumped $92 billion into a global war on terror in the first 10 years alone.

Big ideas to kick at the darkness November 1, 2021

Big ideas to kick at the darkness

Self accountability is the first step in creating a broader language and landscape in which transformative justice can thrive.