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Resources for tenants to learn about rent control in Ontario

Rent control in Ontario—facts, flaws, and fixes

Part 6: Tenants in Ontario have resources available to defend themselves against landlords—and against bad-faith anti-tenant arguments. Here are a few of them.

April 11, 2024

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Various tenant groups in Ontario organize to fight rent hikes and evictions, sometimes with help from tenancy advocacy organizations. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the active groups and organizations. Additionally, we have included a second list of reports and analyses that can be useful for tenants who are resisting predatory landlordism. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive but simply the best of our knowledge as of the time of writing.


  • The Federation of Metro Tenants’ Association ( offers various tenant services, including support for tenants who want to organize to dispute AGIs. It also keeps a list of existing tenant groups and associations,
  • RenovictionsTO ( is a volunteer-run source of information and reports about landlord predatory practices and tenant-organized responses.
  • The Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario ( provides free legal advice to tenants and organizes advocacy campaigns around tenant rights.
  • Over the years, ACORN ( has organized several campaigns for stronger rent controls in Ontario.

Other active tenant groups fighting rent increases, AGIs, and demovictions in Ontario include:

Useful and recent studies and analysis

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