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March 4, 2022

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Here are the latest articles from the March/April issue of the Monitor.

Free to ROAM: Fare-free public transportation arrives in Alberta
Ari Vangeest details how fare-free transit systems are helping two Alberta cities achieve multiple goals.

The future of Ottawa’s transit after the light rail debacle
The Ottawa LRT was supposed to signal the start of a new chapter for the city's public transit system. So how did it all go so bad? Emma Bainbridge examines the beleaguered system's troubled path. 

Building cities for everyone: In conversation with Leslie Kern
The Monitor and CCPA National Senior Researcher Katherine Scott sat down with Leslie Kern to talk about building equitable cities, barriers to progress and finding hope in troubling times.

Pandemic, privatization and people power
The pandemic is just the latest cover for governments keen to privatize public transit systems, argues John Di Nino. Their preferred tool for the job? Public-private partnerships.

Preventing a downward spiral for transit isn’t complicated

Out of service: Creating accessible transit is a win for everyone

China’s transport project meets stiff resistance in Balochistan

All's fare?

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