Media Democracy and Combatting Misinformation

July/August 2021 Issue

From the Editor

No matter what your first issue is, media democracy is your second

Canadians need to face our history of violence, and we need a mediascape that can help us do this complicated, messy work.

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In this Issue

Weaponizing fact-checking: What Canada needs to know

A strong fact-checking industry can stop the normalization of lying and advocate for policy changes. But the weaponization of fact-checking can cause irreversible harm.

Why can’t we know more about what political parties know about us?

As it stands right now, political parties in Canada face little oversight or transparency requirements for the data they collect and create about Canadian citizens.

The media hasn’t even begun to reckon with sexual violence and neither have we

For decades, the media has been circling the issue of sexual violence, mirroring society’s discomfort.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

Media concentration in [the U.S. and Brazil] has reached phenomenal levels, and it is compounded by the massive spread of pernicious fake news.

A Canada–U.K. deal that protects Big Oil? We should be cheesed off.

A post-CETA free trade deal with the United Kingdom should facilitate decarbonization and a just transition, not get in the way.


Authors appearing in this issue

Robin Shaban

Robin is co-founder and senior economist of Vivic Research, an economic consulting firm that supports agents working toward social justice. Follow her on Twitter at @RobinShaban.

Abde Amr

Abde Amr (he/him) is a research assistant at Simon Fraser University’s Disinformation Project at the School of Communication. He examines fake news discourses on Canadian news media and social media. Follow him on Twitter at @AbdelrahmanAmr.

Sophie Birks

Sophie Birks is a writer and researcher from Montreal, and can be found on Twitter at @sophiejeanbirks.

Trevor Deley

Trevor Deley (he/him) is a PhD candidate in e-business at the University of Ottawa. He has a BSc in neuroscience, an MSc in biology and data science, and was a software developer at IBM.

Sabrina Wilkinson

Sabrina Wilkinson (she/her) is a researcher and writer interested in digital policy. She holds a PhD in media and communications. Follow her on Twitter at @sabwilkinson.

Katie Raso

Katie (she/they) is the Senior Editor of the Monitor and Behind the Numbers. They write about disability and accessibility, civic engagement, and media. Find them on Twitter at @ktrascal.

Stuart Trew

Stuart Trew is the Director of the CCPA's Trade and Investment Research Project and the former Editor of the Monitor. Find him on twitter at @StuJT.

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