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Climate Change

AFB 2024: Fair and equitable transition

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve for a fair and equitable transition away from fossil fuels

AFB 2024: Food security

Alternative Federal Budget: what the federal government could achieve on food security

Fossil fuel workers are organizing to lead a just transition

An interview with Iron and Earth, which helps oil and gas workers transition to renewables and the net-zero economy

Zombie climate change denial: we’re in the “bargaining” stage

The fossil fuel industry is moving away from outright denial, and towards negotiating for their version of an energy transition.

Canada's options for intervening in the Keystone XL CUSMA lawsuit

TC Energy is trying to use NAFTA provisions to punish the US government for cancelling Keystone XL. Canada should intervene against the fossil fuel company.

Sustainable Jobs Act: another plan to make a plan

New federal just transition legislation falls short on support for workers and communities

Alberta carries on as the world burns

Shift Storm newsletter—May 2023 edition

Eastern Canada needs to speed up its climate transition

Organized opposition has already put the stop to a number of fossil fuel projects in Eastern Canada—it's time to put the stake through the industry as a whole.

Budget 2023: a risky bet on cleaner capitalism

The 2023 federal budget goes puts the market at the forefront of climate solutions—at our own peril

The solution to single-use plastics isn’t recycling—it’s to ban them

Reducing our waste is better than recycling, so why are single-use plastics still so popular when we have alternatives?

The 10 commandments of sustainable jobs

For a climate transition to be a just transition, it needs to follow some principles.

Farmers can't rely on corporate-controlled GM crops for climate solutions

It’s theoretically possible to us GM as a climate solution—but in reality, it will worsen corporate industrial agriculture.

U.K. membership in Pacific trade deal threatens Canadian climate action

Canada should join Australia and New Zealand in neutralizing lopsided corporate protections in CPTPP

Don’t wait for the state

The climate transition is urgent—and it's increasingly clear that governments aren't acting fast enough. How can communities, workers, and movements directly implement a transition?