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The Economic Impact of Harper's Majority

May 3, 2011

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This 6 minute debate between Michael Hlinka, CBC business correspondent, and myself examines the economic impact of a Harper majority. It took place early today on Metro Morning, the local morning CBC program in Toronto.

It touches on the nature of growth, the distribution of the benefits of growth, the erosion of the foundation of growth, and the role of the NDP, as official opposition, to offer some balance to the process of defining and serving the public interest.

Note the Harper majority in the House of Commons is based on the preference of less than a quarter of Canadians (39.6% support from 61.4% of eligible voters)

There will be much discussion of where we are headed economically, socially and democratically in the coming days, weeks, and months.

60% of the decided stand for a generally progressive agenda.

40% of eligible voters need to be engaged.

Lots to work with. Lots to be done.

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