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Fun "Ethnic Vote" Video - Eat it!

April 12, 2011

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Early in this election campaign it became clear that aggressive courting of the immigrant vote was a key strategy being mobilized to put the Harper team into majority territory.

But over the course of the previous couple of years the Harper government was more selective of who they were courting. Some agencies serving immigrant communities had seen their federal funding cut under the Harper Conservatives, while others gained funding.

That gave one group enough indigestion to .... make a video!

"Eat it" is a rewrite of Michael Jackson's famous lyrics, channelling Weird Al Yankowic, and making a bitter-sweet electoral point: Canada's immigrants shouldn't count more in the run-up to the vote than in its aftermath.

Stephen Hui has already blogged about it for the Georgia Straight

It will be featured on CBC's As It Happens tonight.

Here's to Canada's immigrants - bringing us delicious diversity and food for thought.

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