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Aims and scope of the Monitor

The Monitor is Canada’s most widely read print-based source of progressive news, views and ideas. Much like the CCPA itself, the Monitor does not profess a single point of view or dogmatically advocate for policy preferences. Instead, we offer a space for progressives of all stripes to showcase their research and share their perspectives. Articles published in the Monitor are written in clear, accessible language.

Types of articles accepted

We publish feature articles, original research, book reviews, letters to the editor, and illustrations. If you are interested in submitting a pitch, the best way to assess if it is a good fit is to read previous issues of the magazine.

Length of articles – number of words

We typically publish articles either 700-750 words and 1,250-1,450 words in length. When pitching, specify how long you imagine your piece will be.

How to submit articles

Submit your pitch via email. Specify clearly in the subject line of the email which issue you are pitching for (e.g. A good subject line = Nov/Dec 2021 Pitch: feature article)

If you are writing a longer pitch or are including examples of previous work, please include them as either pdfs or as Google docs.

When submitting your draft work, Google docs are preferred. If you are sending a Microsoft Word document, and have footnotes in your document do not use the Microsoft footnote plugin as they may not properly import into Google.

Email pitches and drafted content to

The Monitor is committed to gender parity in every issue and is actively working to improve the representation of historically underrepresented writers, particularly Black and Indigenous and other racialized writers. We also prioritize submissions from 2SLGBTQQIA+, young, fat, poor, and disabled folks writing from lived experience and will work with authors on their submissions if they need support.

Future issues currently accepting pitches

[CLOSED] July/August: The future of growth 

September/October: Uncovering the role of REITs

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